cute johnlock;)

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like Johnlock.

You: John, I’m bored. SH

You: Can I cook you food? SH

You: I want to cook food. SH

You: You’re coming home soon, right? SH

You: I’ll make dinner. SH

Stranger: No. You’ll burn down the whole block. -JW

You: Irrelevent. What would you like? SH

Stranger: CHinese take away. -JW

You: But I want to cook. SH

You: Let me cook, or I’ll shoot the wall. SH

Stranger: Start with toast and butter, and spaghetti with tomato sauce from the jar. -JW

You: Okay. When are you coming home? SH

Stranger: Three hours. -JW

You: I’ll start a little later then. You like hot spaghetti, correct? SH

Stranger: That’s sort of helpful, yes. -JW

You: Thank you John. I’ll start with practicing with toast. SH

Stranger: Good. Make sure you open the windows if the toast burns. It gets the smoke out faster. -JW

You: I won’t burn anything down John! SH

Stranger: Do you know where the extinguisher is? -JW

You: John. Of course I do. I’m not that horrible. SH

Stranger: Just… Be careful. -JW

You: I always am. SH

Stranger: No, you’re not. -JW

You: Yes, I am. SH

Stranger: Sherlock, just don’t do anything stupid. -JW

You: I won’t. Trust me. SH

Stranger: Good. -JW

You: Sherlock put his phone on the table, and began to cook. He made the toast. Easy. When he was through with that boring task, He boiled some pasta in a pot. He was paying little attention to it, for when the water began to boil, he mindlessy picked up the pot. He yelled out in pain, “OWW SHIT!” He dropped the pot on the floor and clutched his hand with his other. His palm was red and beginning to blister. He stood there stunned, not knowing what to do. Between the pain in his hand and the pool of hot water around him on the floor.

Stranger: How’s the cooking going, Mr “Always Careful”? -JW

You: Cnt txt well, I need u home. Help. SH

Stranger: What happened? -JW

You: Drpped pot w/ hot wtr. Brnnd hnd. only can use my lft hnd to txt. SH

Stranger: On my way. -JW

You: Thx. SH

Stranger: We’ll talk about this once I’ve tended to you, Mr Careful. -JW

You: Plz, John. Ik, Im a stpid, iggnorant twat. Ive herd it all b4. SH

Stranger: Run your hand under cold water. -JW

You: At lest I ddn’t shoot myslf. SH

You: I woud, if I coud rech the snk. SH

Stranger: What? -JW

You: the wter is al ovr the floor. its stil boilin hot. SH

Stranger: You need to do this before the burn gets worse. Loo sink, kitchen sink, shower, make it happen. Now. -JW

You: I’m tring, relly I am. I jst cnt reach anythng, or go anywere. SH

You: oh my god, it’s strting to bleed. SH

Stranger: Water. Now! -JW

Stranger: Or it could get much worse. -JW

You: Ok, I got to the sink. SH

Stranger: Good. -JW

You: I’m sorry John. I’m an idiot. I should of never made dinner. SH

Stranger: You should just try to be more careful. You’re not invincible. -JW

You: I did’t know I was going to bloody kill off my hand, John! SH

Stranger: I’ve called 999. They’re on the way. Don’t fight it, it’s for the best. -JW

You: I know I’m not invincible. I’m not a hero. I was trying to be more ‘human’ for you. SH

Stranger: That’s sweet, but being human doesn’t mean getting third degree burns. -JW

You: Again, accident. I just wanted to make you dinner. SH

Stranger: I know. Next time, make it whilst I’m there. -JW

You: No. I’m going to cook again. I’m terrible. I can’t even bloody boil water without making myself bleed. SH

Stranger: It’s okay, love, you just made a mistake. Humans make mistakes. -JW

You: You called me love. I like that. SH

You: I always make mistakes. SH

Stranger: I didn’t mean… You do? -JW

You: It’s nice. Gave me a warm feeling. SH

You: Can I call you it too? Since you called me it? SH

Stranger: Uh… It’s not really something flatmates do. -JW

You: Oh, Okay. SH

You: Sorry then, SH

Stranger: Forget it. Sherlock, you make mistakes because you’re human. You think you’re not, but you are. Relax, let the paramedics care for you, I’ll meet you at the hospital… Love. -JW

You: Thanks John. See you soon, Love. SH

Stranger: Do you know why that’s said? -JW

You: Not really. Why? SH

Stranger: It’s said because…Well, it’s said when you… Love someone. -JW

You: I never knew that. I guess it kind of fits then. SH

Stranger: It does? -JW

You: Yes. Your my best friend, and I love you. SH

Stranger: That’s not… Different kind of love, Sher. -JW

You: I know. SH

Stranger: It means romantic and sexual love. -JW

You: Yes, I’m not that much of a dim-wit. SH

Stranger: You love me? -JW

You: …Yes. SH

Stranger: Good. -JW

You: It is? SH

Stranger: Very good. Because I love you too. -JW

You: Really? John, love, you’ve made me so happy. SH

Stranger: I’m glad. Now get that hand tended to before the damage gets worse. -JW

You: They’re here. I guess I’ll see you soon. SH

Stranger: I love you. -JW

You: I love you more. SH

Stranger: Get in the ambulance. -JW

You: Kicking and screaming, love. SH

Stranger: Go. -JW

You: I am. Find you in the burn unit. SH

Stranger: I’ll be there. -JW

You: Good. I want to see your face. SH

Stranger: They’ll take your mobile if you don’t stop texting. -JW

You: Goodbye, John. SH

Stranger: For now. -JW

You: Yes, for now. SH

Stranger: John walked into Sherlock’s room just under an hour later, carrying a bouquet of flowers. “Hey, Sherlock. How are you feeling?”

You: Sherlock’s eyes snapped open. “Good. How are you?” He scanned over John, and the flowers and his cute smile, and his dashing eyes, and, and… “Flowers?” Sherlock interrupted his own thoughts.

Stranger: John chuckled softly. “They wouldn’t let me in until now. It was either flowers, or a box of chocolates with a teddy bear attached.” He smiled as he walked over to the chair, setting the flowers on Sherlock’s lap.

You: Sherlock halfed smiled. “Thanks. I’m sorry.” He apologized. He looked up to John’s face with raised eyebrows. “I’m so stupid.”

Stranger: John leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to the other man’s forehead. “Relax, love, it was a mistake.”

You: Sherlock flushed, and gave a full smile this time. “I love you so much.” His eyes were wet. He was a little tired but he powered through it.

Stranger: John brushed his fingers along Sherlock’s cheek. “Deep breaths, Sher. The meds are making you emotional. Then there’s the shock, and you being overtired from not sleeping enough. How about you get some sleep, and I’ll come visit first thing in the morning?”

You: ”But I don’t want to leave you…” He was slowly falling asleep. He let his head fall back. “Will you be here tomorrow morning? Right you already said that. I lvoe you John. See you.” He sleepily said, eyes fluttering.

You: (brb)

You: (back)

You have disconnected.

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